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The Power Station is a not-for-profit initiative dedicated to providing a platform for ambitious contemporary art projects in Dallas, Texas. Housed in a Power & Light building constructed in 1920, artists are invited to respond to the raw character of the architecture, offering an alternative to the traditional gallery and museum context.
Geared toward an international audience and most immediately, the community of Dallas, the bold programming serves as a catalyst to provocate public discourse around art and culture.
Projects and publications at The Power Station are made possible through funding provided by The Pinnell Foundation.


I AM REAL ESTATE / October 19, 2012    Press Release

NO GOAL / April 11 - July 13, 2012    Video:  1  2  3  4    Images:  First Level  Second Level  Outdoors    Press Release

DELUXE / January 14 - March 30, 2012    Images:  First Level  Second Level    Press Release

Oslo, Texas / October 21 - December 23, 2011    Images:  First Level  Second Level  Outdoors    Press Release

Die / April 06 - September 19, 2011    Images    Press Release  

Oscar Tuazon
Die / April 06, 2011    

Oscar Tuazon
Die / April 06, 2011    


Janurary 2013    

April 2013    

Oscar Tuazon
Die / April 06, 2011    

Oscar Tuazon
Die / April 06, 2011    


Oscar Tuazon / Die / 58 pages
featuring contributions by Kim West, Ariana Reines and Oscar Tuazon

Matias Faldbakken / Oslo, Texas / 82 pages
featuring contributions by Josh Smith, John Kelsey and Matias Faldbakken

Available Fall 2012


The Power Station

3816 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75226
Tel +1 214 827 0163
e. info[at]

Hours: Currently closed. Regular hours will resume Friday, October 20, 2012.


From Westbound I-30: Take exit 47C toward Fair Park/First Ave, Sharp left onto Exposition Ave, Take the 1st right onto Willow St, Take the 1st left onto Commerce St

From Eastbound I-30: Take exit 47 for Fair Park/Second Ave, take first left onto Ash Lane, left on Exposition Ave, right on Willow St, first left onto Commerce Street (By Appointment)

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Danielle Avram Morgan
Tel +1 214 827 0163