ED RUSCHA, An image of Ruscha’s Standard Station, Amarillo Texas, 1963, alongside a photo of the actual station in Amarillo as it is today


ANT FARM, Series of photographs from the group’s iconic 1974 project, Cadillac Ranch at various stages of completion, from procurement of the Cadillacs to their installation.

ANT FARM, Doug Michaels as Jackie O, Eternal Frame, 1975.

ANT FARM, Dream Cars, Original Flyer, 1973.

ANT FARM, Concept posters for Media Burn, 1974.

STEPHEN SHORE, Amarillo‐Tall in Texas, 1971, Shore made a road trip from New York to Amarillo, where he shot a series of photographs that captured the town’s rural ambiguity. He then produced a series of postcards from the images, which he later planted in gas stations and rest stops along Route 66.

JOHN CHAMBERLAIN, The Texas Pieces at the Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, 1974.

JOHN CHAMBERLAIN, In Amarillo, Texas, book, 1974, selected images.

ROBERT SMITHSON, Series of early photographs of Smithson’s Amarillo Ramp, 1974.